Collecting Fine Art – Paintings Or Prints

quentin blake printsIf you have decided to collect art for the first time then there are many critical points that you need to be aware of.  Collecting many paintings or prints from various artists across the world is a great way to start, such as Jennifer Hogwood, Sam Toft, Iain Faulkner or Quentin Blake prints or paintings.  You can get an enormous appreciation from collecting fine art, along with getting a financial investment that you can keep secure forever.

The first consideration is to take note of the amount of room you have available within your home for collecting paintings.  This will give you a good understanding of the size of paintings that you’re able to start collecting. If you’re looking for a painting for a small wall, therefore a large portrait may be too big for the room and the wall. You may want to find large areas on each wall to display your art collection.

When you are familiar with the size of the room then start to look at paintings and artists that you really like. It’s best to maintain a theme throughout your art collection or at least for an individual room in your home. The theme would consist of the artist and their personality, where the artist comes from, the style of painting that the artist paints, etc.

The time now has come to purchase your paintings and you should be careful. You can purchase paintings either online that will have your painting in stock, but in some cases, may be difficult to ensure the painting or the artwork is damage free, in good condition and can be trusted as an original. Look at all the details of the site that you’re looking at. This includes how much they charge for the painting and the shipping and what their return policy is. If you’re not happy with any of their answers to these questions then avoid purchasing any artwork from these websites.

During the purchasing process check to see you are buying the original painting from the artist or is it merely a print. A print is just a copy of the painting and will be extremely less in value than the original. However, if you have a lower budget, you can purchase just the prints which are cheaper than the original, they look great and you can get special edition prints that have been signed by the artist.

Take consideration of the art piece in a frame or by itself.  Typically artwork or paintings that are frameless can be difficult to work with as you will need to get them framed and will cost more money.  It can also difficult to find a frame that matches the artwork. Many online stores along with brick and mortar shops will offer a framing service and you should consider this during the purchase process

As you start to receive your art and you position them on the wall you’ll feel a sense of pride. Collecting either the original paintings or prints is a fantastic way to increase the beauty and charm within any room.