Debt restructuring of the building loan possible despite negative credit rating?

Yes, a rescheduling of the building loan is possible despite negative credit rating. If you would like to conclude a new mortgage with a debt rescheduling, the new bank will always ask for your permission to have an insight into your credit rating data before the contract is concluded. If you refuse this permission, the bank will no longer cooperate with you. has details

The credit rating information is therefore essential for debt restructuring. Now it depends on how strictly the bank judges credit rating entries. One entry is often enough and the bank is no longer willing to grant you a loan.

You get a credit rating entry

You get a credit rating entry

For example, if you

  • Do not pay credit installments and the bank then terminates the loan
  • If there are too many banks to obtain offers for loans, these banks always make a so-called credit request on your behalf to credit rating and these requests accumulate (in contrast, a lender company request for credit conditions has no effect, you as a consumer must pay attention to this if You compare loans)
  • You have not paid an invoice until you have received a judicial enforcement order

What can you do to get a debt rescheduling despite credit rating?

What can you do to get a debt rescheduling despite credit rating?

On the one hand, you can wait, because three calendar years after the entry, entries usually run by themselves and clean up your credit rating.If you don’t want to sit out this time, you can take action yourself. It is advisable to check your own credit rating data regularly anyway: Take a look and check whether all entries are actually justified.

Sometimes it happens, for example, that a bank reports a loan to credit rating as having been canceled on its part and this results in a entry, even though you simply made a special repayment and paid off the loan as normal. Check such cases. You have the right to request the deletion of the entry in such constellations. After the cleanup, it will be much easier for you to find debt restructuring at good interest rates.

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