The Automotive Wiring Harness Has Many Uses And Is Critical For Any Vehicle

automotive wiring harnessThe wiring harness is a critical part of any assembly to join many different electrical pieces of equipment together and is a requirement in many different industries. You will find that it has a very important use within the automotive industry in order to ensure that all of the electrical equipment within a vehicle are running smoothly and together whether that’s the lights that shine the road, the interior lights or the radio.

The wiring harness for the automotive industry has very tough safety criteria to meet before it is suitable to be fitted in any vehicle. For example, the wiring harness within the vehicle must be able to withstand very high temperatures.

The assembly that snakes around the car to connect the electrical equipment together has to be extremely accurate in measurement during manufacturing of the loom and also manufacturing of the car by fitting the loom.

There are many automotive industry standards that every wiring harness has to adhere to ensure safety within the vehicle and the customers that procure these assemblies need to ensure that the cables meet these standards. The harnesses are manufactured to order and are customised as per each request and to the customer’s specification.

The applications for cable harnesses throughout the vehicle are quite vast, being used in electrical systems such as, air conditioning, battery cables, ignition system. Greater spec materials have to be used within each cable assembly to ensure they can withstand these applications. During manufacturing they are very well tested during every single stage of manufacture to guarantee each assembly is defect free. They are used in many different types of vehicles such as cars, vans, lorries, and even motorbikes.

Throughout the various applications automotive wiring harnesses are required, which also include dimmer switch control, circuit breaker, headlights, interior lights, relay and ignition, cigarette lighter, radio, battery, brake lights, engine fan and many more. Due to the manufacturing process of these harnesses they are made to the tight specifications required and are very easy to install, making them a cost effective solution during the vehicle manufacturer.