How to apply personal loans?

After seeing how to apply for funding in many of the main Italian cities and surroundings, in this article we will analyze which are the best entities that provide personal loans in the city of Trieste and its province.

Lender Group and Better Loans Trieste, comparison services

Lender Group and Ital loans Trieste, comparison services

The Italian credit group Lender Group grants personal loans to Trieste for a share of up to 50,000 USD and promises to disburse them within a few days while maintaining rates that remain fixed for the duration of the amortization. These are credits dedicated to state employees, civil servants, state employees, self-employed workers, pensioners and private employees and there is no penalty in case the repayment is paid in advance. The disbursement can also take place in 24 hours and can also take place at your home.

The reimbursements foresee various times ranging from 12 to 120 months. Even if these loans are requested by a married couple, there is the possibility of using the single signature service and these are non-finalized credits, without any request for the reason why they are requested.

It includes insurance that covers life, disability and layoff risks. Even those who have been considered bad payers and have been protested can obtain loans in Trieste through the transfer of a fifth of Lender Group’s salary and also you can get a personal loan even if you have other loans in progress.

Let’s talk now about the services of the Astro Finance group which provides for personal financing in the city of Trieste and its province with a very quick and without payment and procedure. In case the customer needs Italprest has a toll-free number which will be answered by a consultant ready to help the customer, free of charge, whenever he needs it.

This is a loan without reason and which provides for advances in just 24 hours up to 80% of the full funding and is dedicated to a wide range of customers such as civil servants, ministerial employees, private employees, to pensioners with Social institute and other pension institutions.

Two very important realities: Good Finance and Astro Finance

Two very important realities: Spaccini and Fiditalia

Good Finance Group is a financial company born in the city of Trieste and can guarantee all its customers services as a multi-agent agent, also as regards personal loans or all other types of finalized credits.
It is therefore a financial company that offers its customers a vast range of different services at a single office in Trieste where they can contact.

Whenever the client needs it, a consultant will guide him to choose which is the best loan solution suitable for him, based on his characteristics and needs. Deferred payments are also available for personal loans.

We speak at the end of the Astro Finance group which offers its personal loans to Trieste both to employees who enjoy an open-ended employment contract and to employees who have a fixed-term employment contract but for whom the duration of the funding must not go over twice the remaining term of the employment contract.

These are loans also dedicated to the category of self-employed workers and if they are foreigners they must have gained a working seniority of more than two years.

To access this credit you must be aged between 18 and 72, you must be the owner of a current account and bring with you a valid identity document, the tax code or alternatively your health card, a income document such as the last paycheck, in case of pensioners the pension slip and in the case of freelancers the tax return and finally if you are a foreigner with a possible residence permit.

The loan of Astro Finance includes insurance coverage for credit protection, insurance coverage to protect the product purchased thanks to the loan and insurance coverage to protect the loan holder.

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